Our Story

Since our inception in 2005, it has been vital for us to:

Encounter Jesus: We facilitate weekly encounters with Jesus where we and our our unchurched friends can gather to worship Jesus, find authentic relationship with Him and be enriched by His word.

Be Transformed: We gather in vibrant “Home Churches,” knowing that Jesus and His Spirit meet us in community and that growth and transformation come as we journey closely with one another.

Share His Love: We serve on teams that facilitate encounters with Jesus creating in environments that are hospitable to our unchurched friends. We reach out with compassion to those in need and give generously to support the mission of our community.

Core Values

WORSHIP: We value vibrant, present, authentic worship encounters with Jesus!

When we gather as a family, we gather to actually meet with Jesus. He’s not just an idea or a worldview, but a living person with whom we can interact. Passionate songs, prayers and reflection are natural grateful responses considering the beauty of who He is and what He has done for us. As we express our love for Him, we experience His love poured out for us. When the scriptures encourage us to “love Him with all our heart and soul and mind” we expect our worship experience with him to touch every part of our lives… emotion, spirit and intellect.

BIBLE: We value rich, instructive encounters with Jesus through the scriptures!

When we gather, we encounter the truth about Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection as presented in the Bible, knowing that it saves us, empowers us and teaches us how to live like Him. Our teaching recognizes the authority of the scriptures as we aim to have our energies and activities reflect a wise, simple, and balanced approach to community life. We value the Bible basics and aren’t keen on getting caught up in foolish, off-centre controversies. We appreciate robust theological engagement. We also recognize the value of church history for its encouraging and humbling lessons.

COMMUNITY: We value transformation through life in community.

We gather in smaller groups or “Home Church” because we’re better together than apart. We believe that commitment to Jesus means a commitment to His family. The radical value on community evidenced by the early church flies in the face of our rugged western individualism and calls us together. God calls us to be open, honest and vulnerable in relationships because there is something of Him that we can not experience in isolation. We need Jesus as He loves us through others. We learn better when we're together! It is in this context that we grow and find our brokenness gently healed.

SPIRIT: We value the transforming work of the Holy Spirit.

We believe in God’s supernatural ability to work in our lives and welcome the expression of spiritual gifts when offered as authentic, humble service to the community. We are not looking for formulas, hype or a “holy-roller” cultural “charismatic’ experience, but rather the real deal of God’s love touching us in miraculous ways. Our ministry style is dialed-down, and we’ll always pause to give orientation for those who might not have experience with God working in these ways.

JOURNEY: We value transformation on the journey.

The journey of transformation is for everyone. There is no judgemental “us” and “them.” In fact, it is our shared need of Jesus and what he has done through his death and resurrection that unites us as a family. We all come as the humble broken who are wonderfully, wholly and amazingly loved by Jesus. We are walking in the “already, but not yet” of salvation where we live authentically as imperfect people are finding a new identity as his children and purpose as his followers. In Him, we HAVE BEEN and ARE BEING made whole. Teachability unites us as we are ALL learning to be lovingly led by Him. People of every age, ethnicity, class, or history can find a home at OVV.

HOSPITALITY: We value sharing His love by facilitating encounters with Jesus.

Our shared mission as a community is to invite people from every walk of life to Encounter Jesus, Be Transformed and Share His Love. That means creating dynamic hospitable environments. We ask everyone who is a part of our community to serve with us in that. We are humble facilitators of Sunday Morning and Home Church gatherings. We set up gear, lead songs, sweep floors, make coffee, teach kids, create media, greet newcomers and much much more! Many hands make light work! We want everyone to join in! 

COMPASSION: We value sharing his love out of compassion for others.

We care about our friends, so we share Jesus with them. There are so many people we meet in our day to day that don’t yet know His amazing love. We want to be able to both share His story with our words and demonstrate His love in extremely practical ways. Our primary approach is relational as we look to equip every believer to invite their friends into the Jesus journey with us. Our secondary approach is programmatic as we develop programs and utilize partnerships to express Jesus love to the world. Philosophically, we aren’t sharing “from” and “to” but “with” and “among.” We are servants who humbly recognize our own brokenness and need. 

GENEROSITY: We value sharing His love through financial generosity.

We believe that sharing our wealth, contrary to the prevailing cultural trend towards greed and accumulation, radically demonstrates the love of God. As we give funds to further our mission of inviting the “unreached” to Encounter Jesus, Be Transformed and Share His Love we are set free from our own bondage to material things and accurately reflect the amazing generosity of God. We have received freely, so we give freely!