Our Story

Since our inception in 2005, it has been vital for us to:

Love like Jesus in our church family, worship and in our community locally, nationally and globally. Love and unity is a fundamental part of what we believe the Bible calls us to, and what should be at the core of a Christian Community. 

Be Authentic - Being real about where we are with ourselves, each other and God. We often encourage people to 'come as they are'. Community and spiritual life need to grow organically. We believe honesty is the first step in genuine change and relationship.

Be Spirit Led - We strive to operate in a way that is surrendered to God's leading at every level. From prayers to major budget decisions - we expect and believe that it's God's will to speak to, heal, and guide His body, the Church. God is alive and well, and it's His Kingdom to build - we are simply thankful to take part in His life as it manifests here in the Ottawa Valley. See our Statement of Faith here for more on our doctrinal beliefs. 

Core Values

Intimate Worship

We love facilitating regular community worship encounters with Jesus. As we recognize the love, beauty and glory of God, the expression of our adoration is the most natural response. Our worship times are designed to be an intimate encounter -- an interaction with God where His loving presence is tangibly felt. We’re not just singing about Him, we’re singing to Him.

We try to do the music well, but we’re much more interested in honesty and authenticity. It’s not a performance. It’s an invitation to an encounter. If you come with a mental scorecard, you’ll miss out.

We think that the expression of emotion in worship is pretty natural. We expect to feel something. God is a big God and there are lots of ways that humans naturally respond to Him from the heart.

Authentic Community

We place a high value on “being real”, appearing to be what we are and being what we appear. We’ll look sad when we’re sad and happy when were happy!

We’ll strive to answer questions honestly and say we don’t know when we don’t know. We’ll endeavor to do friendship at a deep level. We don’t just want to be Sunday-morning Christians. We want to be on the journey together in homes, coffee shops, workplaces, and schools.

Honest relationships are a safeguard from a phony church culture and from hypocrisy.

The Main and The Plain

We want to keep our focus on Jesus and telling His story with humility, boldness, and clarity.

We value the Bible basics and aren’t keen on getting caught up in foolish off-centre controversies. We recognize the authority of the Scriptures as we aim to have the church’s energies and activities reflect a wise, simple, and balanced approach to community life, sparing ourselves (and those who watch us) distraction over non-essentials.

We also recognize the value of church history for its encouraging and humbling lessons.

Relationship Over Religion

Fundamentally, Christianity isn’t a religion. A religion is defined as a system by which people make sacrifices to try to earn approval or blessings from God. It’s a list of things to do to make Him like us more. Christianity is about a relationship with God... initiated by God... enabled by His loving sacrifice for us.

In Jesus He’s already given us EVERYTHING truly important in life, so what could we possibly give to pay Him back for that? Understanding that healthy Christian sacrificial living must always motivated by genuine adoration and gratitude rather than fear, guilt or ambition keeps us safe and keeps Christian life full of peace and joy.

Everything we do is done by invitation. We will try to avoid competition, manipulation and control; the unpleasant consequences of operating with religious motivations. Doing things invitationally sometimes means it takes longer to get where we’re going, but we always have more fun when we get there!

Diversity United

We believe that a group should be defined by its centre, not by its borders. It doesn’t matter what you wear, where you’re from, what the colour your skin is, what you know, how much you earn, how perfectly you live, or how far along you are in your faith journey.

Our diversity is united in our common confession that we need Jesus and in love and gratitude want to learn to live like Him. We’ll also be gentle and give lots of time for those among us honestly evaluating whether or not they want to join us on that journey.

Naturally Supernatural

We value the miraculous well explained. God is real. We welcome and seek the power of the Holy Spirit to heal and touch us on every level, be it physical, emotional, intellectual, or spiritual.

We welcome the expression of spiritual gifts like healing and the prophetic as humble service to the community... as true expressions of Jesus’ kingdom among us. We want to exercise our gifts thoughtfully, though. We want to walk in balance and humility. We’ll pray hard with our eyes open.

Our ministry style will tend to be laid back and “dialed-down.” We acknowledge that we are human and sometimes these things are a bit beyond us. We don’t want God’s miracles to go to our heads.

We welcome His powerful intervention in our lives. We want to leave lots of room for God to work. When we’re doing prayer ministry, we’ll always try to explain what’s going on for anyone who might be new to the “God stuff.”

Sensible Morality

We see moral living as an important part of worship and essential for our health. We look to the bible and Jesus’ life as a model for this. Some things it would seem His story is trying to lead us away from, some things it asks us to moderate, some behaviors it encourages and on some it seems silent. We’ll always try to be sensible, to keep those things straight and avoid religiosity and judgment as we do.

We want to be self-challenging and mutually encouraging as we pursue Christ-likeness together. Again, this is all for worship and good health! We’ll always endeavour to be open and honest about our struggle and to accept help from one another.

Compassionate Ministry

We will lean towards the lost, the poor, and the marginalized. We believe that Christian ministry should be expressed in concrete ways as an act of worship. We believe though, that ministry should not be done “to” people or “for” people, but “with” and “among” them. We will serve in a humble, non-condescending, relationally-integrated way.

Sharing and Generosity

God’s love is practical. We will always encourage those who have resources to share with those who need resources. God calls everyone to give faithfully and at times sacrificially. For some that means loonies and for some it might mean thousands.

We are a charity that operates on the gifts of those who believe in what we do. We will won’t be shy about sharing our vision and inviting our church community to participate in building with us.


Sometimes, we as Christians take ourselves a bit too seriously. Loving God and loving people ought to be extremely rich and lots of fun. We know that life is not always easy, but even hard times and hard work can be filled with joy when we invite God into them.

If there are two right ways to do something good, we’ll almost always choose the one that’s more fun!