Our team

Ahren & Anna Summach

Team Leaders

Ahren is the Lead Pastor of Ottawa Valley Vineyard. Ahren’s main passion is to see the church transformed through relationship with Jesus, gathered to worship and humbly walking out Jesus’ mission day by day. Ahren loves reading, writing, preaching, theology, business, golf, fishing, driving and travelling the outdoors in general, but most of all he loves his wife and two sons!

Anna serves as co-leader with Ahren. She is a listener who hears what happens in meetings with more clarity than her daft husband ever will. :) Anna is primarily focused on giving oversight to our kid’s ministry, ovvGROW. She also keeps us connected with Vineyard Canada through service on the VC board. Anna enjoys learning, exercise, cooking, crafts and kids. She also loves her unruly husband and two unruly boys. :)

Kathy Moore-Crispin

Youth Coordinator

Kathy has her dream job working with the youth of OVV! She is passionate about building community and connecting youth with Jesus. She also looks after the logistics that allows that to happen. When she’s not hanging with the youth, you’ll find her at home where she’s mom to her five kids and wife to her husband Simon.

Linda Sprunt

Women's Ministry & Administration

In Linda's role of "admin", she tries to keep everyone on the same page; as Women's Ministry Leader, she gets to be involved in the lives of the ladies at OVV. But, her main role in life is being a Gramma to her twelve grandchildren.