How can i give?

Sunday Morning: The offering baskets are passed during the announcement time. Cash or cheques can be given when the offering basket is passed, or placed in the offering box on the table at the back of the cafetorium. Cost of fees to OVV: less than 1%.

E-transfer: Send e-transfers to . No password required. All e-transfers to that address are automatically deposited. You can add a message, if desired, for designations. PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR MEMBER NUMBER TO AVOID POSSIBLE CONFUSION. No additional fees or cost.

Online Banking: From your computer, you can add OVV as payee through your regular online banking site with CIBC, RBC, TD, BMO, Scotiabank, President's Choice Financial or your Credit Union. Just search for “Ottawa Valley Vineyard Church” and enter your account number (appears on your charitable donations receipt as "Envelope #"). If you’re a new donor and don’t yet have an account number or have misplaced it, simply email and we’ll get it to you. Cost of fees to OVV: less than 1%.

Canada Helps: You can find more information on how to give through Canada Helps here. Cost of fees to OVV: 4 to 5%.

United Way: Receipts are issued by United Way, and charges a 4-5% fee on donations.

Donate with Paypal: Simply click the link below. The site will lead you through a simple set of steps to enable you to donate through Paypal. This option is very convenient as well. You can even earn air-miles, but we want to make sure you understand that Paypal takes a 3% cut of your gift.